Nail art revolution only by Jamberry

Nail art revolutionNails are said to be the portal to the soul. Not only nail shapes, but also your nail art speaks about your personality. Yes, nail art that has been a growing trend, tells a lot about a person based on their claws.  Much thought goes into your nails. From picking up the perfect color for your nails to reading the puns on the bottle bottom and deciding if, you are in a Caicos or Turquoise mood or Pinking of You. Nail art in ancient history depicted class and social status and symbolized aristocracy. Later in the 19th century, nail art became a part of fashion and was allowed for everyone.

According the latest Japanese trend, the shape of your manicure also represents personality. Several brands come up with something innovative every time and thus you are left spoilt for choices. However, it never gets boring. You can select from some amazing effects, which will change the look of your fingers and is sure to form a fashion statement. If you are a nail art lover and looking for various nail designs, you should definitely take a look at Jazzy nail wraps.

What are Jamberry nail wraps anyway and do they work?

Now you might be skeptical about these nail wraps and want to know if they really work for your nails. Well, all you need to do is login to the site and you will be amazed to find out a whole new range of nail wraps, which you are sure not to find anywhere else. Jamberry nail wraps are amazing, pressure and heat activated. They are made from a proprietary, high quality, non-toxic, vinyl material.

You can apply them directly to your nails for a look that is distinct from others. They are not nail polish strips and each pack contains nail wraps enough for two pedicures, manicures, and leftovers for accent nails. They form a waterproof seal, which provides your pedicures and manicures longevity and durability.

The nail wraps arm you with confidence and style and does require very little amount of your money or time. While there are several reasons why you should opt for these nail wraps over traditional nail products, the most convincing is its wide range of nail wraps. You just cannot shift your eyes from the designs available. The categories include collegiate, animal instinct, dotted line, garden party, French tips, jamberry juniors, mommy and me, nail art studio, sparkling solid, sports and hobbies, etc.

How to apply and remove?

You need to put heat and pressure to apply the wraps. You can use the jamberry heater or a hair drier. Remember that different wrap finishes require different amount of heating time to activate. Mate, being the thinnest requires 3-4 seconds, solids in 4-5 seconds, patterns in 5-6 seconds, glimmers in6-7 seconds, whereas metallic in 9-10 seconds. Removing Jamberry nail wraps is also easy. You just need to soak your hands and work off.

There is also an exclusive range of wraps for juniors. Jamberry Juniors feature trendy designs made for the littlest of hands. So go ahead and explore the awesomeness at Jamberry.


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