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balance bike for your kidA balance bicycle (also called as run bike) is nothing but a training bike / bicycle which helps children learn steering and balancing. This bicycle does not have pedals and drivetrain. These balance bikes may be made out of wood or metal or both. It looks like a normal bike having the pedals and its related parts removed. It can be built this way on purpose or can be modified from a normal bicycle. Usually, it does not have any brake, but at times, one or two hand activated rim brakes may be provided.

Such balance bikes are usually available for small children. Thus they are very small, small enough so that the rider can walk while sitting comfortably. The rider must be able to put both feet on the ground flat. Here, the rider (children) walks the bike standing, and then the rider walks while sitting over the saddle. When the rider is comfortable, he/she can lift both feet off the ground and sail balancing on only two wheels.

It is seen that when children learn balancing with the help of balance bike, they learn cycling much faster than while learning a bicycle with the help of training wheels. Experts say that training wheels slower the process of bike learning as children become very much dependent on them. Also, when children learn bicycle with the help of training wheels or on tricycle, they learn the wrong way of turning the handlebars. Thus, with the help of balance bikes, children will learn balancing first and then steering, which will also reduce the expenses of the parents.

The first ever invented balance bike is called as Dandy Horse in the year 1817. This gave birth for the concept of two wheelers. Then eventually bicycles were invented and later motorcycles.

When you buy a balance bike you should make sure you are buying the best one. You would definitely want to buy the best one for your kid. But be careful while selecting a balance bike.

You will find many websites on the Internet marketing balance bikes claiming theirs to be the best. But remember they will not give you complete review of each and every bike they sell. Thus, to make sure you select the best balance bike for your kid, is here. They have a huge variety of balance bike at affordable prices. They provide you reviews from the top balance bike manufacturers.

Here is a list of some best balance bicycles available:

  • KaZAM Classic Balance Bike
  • Strider ST-2 PREbike Balance Running Bike
  • Strider ST-3
  • Kazam Balance Bike
  • Skuut Bike

They have balance bikes available for toddlers too. You will also find few suggestions and tricks for riding safely. You can also compare these bikes with some of the top 10 balance bicycles considering the important characteristics.

So what are you waiting for? Just log on to and find the best balance bicycle for your kid.

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